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Do you like Gluten-Free RING Baked Tofu Donuts?

Tell your favoriteCoffee ShopsCafesRestaurantsGrocery StoresDessert PlacesIce Cream ShopsTea Houseto carry our donuts there!

Many food businesses and supermarkets are always looking for new products something like RING Baked Tofu Donuts. Their customes are also looking for unique, atractive and healthy(less guilty) products. By introducing our donuts to their businesses, you can become a great match maker!

RING Baked Tofu Donuts


Gluten Free




Baked (Never Fried)

Did You Know?

Going gluten-free has made Novak Djokovic the world's #1 tennis player

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How Can I Introduce?

Communicate your favorite place and introduct our donuts to them. 

You can download a wholesale flyer PDF from the section below

Where I can introduce?

Currently, we offer our products delivery for the major cities in the continentnental U.S. Our broker might have limited delivery network. Please consult with us if you would like to know the availability.

What produts are available?

For this project, we have FOUR flavors from our classics.

  • Honey
  • Double Chocolate
  • Choco Chip

Other classics and special flavors are not available at this time.

How do you produce the donuts?

All of our wholesale donuts are produced in a manufacturing facility in Sourthern California which are certified for Kosher and Gluten-free.

A wholesale flyer

Download PDF

Send the Information directly.

By using the online form below, you can directly send the PDF and our website link to your favorite places, Just fill in your information and your referral contact information and submit it.

InYourTown - introduction Email Form

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  • To whom you would like to introduce RING
  • Enter the name of contact person of the shop. If you don't know the name, leave it blank.
  • Please add your personal message to the shop owner/namager or someone you communicated with.

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