Welcome to the RING baked tofu donuts website!

The RING baked tofu donuts was established in 2013 in Hollywood. This company's philosophy is that we will offer the rearranged Japanese style fun to American people. Our most interested fun today is Baked Tofu Donuts. Our Japanese Style Baked Tofu Donuts are made by a highly skilled Japanese pastry chef. We use the selected high quality ingredients from all over the world. We hope our fun become to your FUN!!

Why we are so special?

Baked Tofu Donuts process:

  1. Make donuts batter. Only using the selected high quality ingredients.
  2. Must lay 24 hours in the refrigerator the donuts batter.
  3. Bake donuts.
  4. Must lay another 8 hours in the refrigerator the baked donuts. This allows the appropriate aging time for donuts to mature and develop their optimum flavor and texture.
  5. Then finally, it's ready to eat.

hand-selected organic & local ingredients